Saturday, November 19, 2011

Question on the Size and Presentation of the Proposed Sign

Another thought about the proposed sign...  please leave your comments or thoughts...

" If a sign nominally has the potential for enhancing home values, then I wonder if that depends on how it compares with other community signs in the area.  

Some of the nearby communities have larger, masonry signs, or gate houses, so I wonder if the sign you suggest - beautiful as it seems by itself - might convey a degree of inferiority to other communities, due to its size or materials?.

To be clear, I applaud your initiative, and I truly appreciate any neighbor's efforts to improve their home and yard.   When it comes to investing in this signage, though, these are my initial thoughts, and I'd certainly welcome your (or others') views.

Oakbrooke Privacy Concern

Message from one of the Oakbrooke Home Owners dealing with privacy.  Please leave your thoughts as a comment for all to read.

"Thanks for sending this, and for your initiative in seeking to improve our neighborhood.  The sign in your proposal does look nice, but I had not considered this before, and I'm wondering about the pro's and con's of installing a sign.  

   One feature of our neighborhood, that I've always appreciated - even while away - is the high degree of relative privacy we enjoy due to minimal through traffic or curious drivers, and for that matter those with less than honorable intent (e.g., potential thieves, vandals).  

I believe part of that privacy comes from the low-key, anonymous nature of our road entry, so I'm a bit concerned about drawing more attention to our cul de sac, i.e. with a sign posting.  (Granted, I can appreciate that the degree of privacy and security is more so deeper in, away from "the main" Road...)  

   On the other hand, I'm confident some tidying could go far to enhance the corner intersection of our small street, as it's fairly plain and sometimes littered - though I don't recall ever seeing it really unsightly.  

Along these lines, I wonder if installing a sign as you suggest would actually increase curb appeal or actual value for the homes there.  

I'd appreciate any facts or opinions you have on the matter."

Oakbrooke Sign Proposal

Most of the residents and home owners of Oakbrooke have been notified of the initiative to consider putting up a sign at the entrance to our neighborhood.   Below is the letter that was sent out: (Edited to keep the location of our neighborhood private)

I have long wished we had a sign to identify our little neighborhood of Oakbrooke. So I started researching some sign ideas and presented a few designs with various colors, font styles and sign shapes to several
neighbors for their input. Ultimately we decided the sign shown below should be present to everyone in the neighborhood to see if you would be interested in contributing to the sign for our development.

The sign shown is about 4’ wide and 3’ tall. It is made of a High Density Urethane, and looks like wood, but lasts longer.  I propose the sign be mounted to stained wooden posts near the street sign. (There is an existing easement on that corner for a sign) and some landscaping be put in around it.

The sign itself costs about $1,200 (including shipping) a couple hundred more for posts, plants, mulch, (solar lighting??) and the sign would cost no more than $1500. I will install it all at no cost (but would welcome help!)  There are 14 families in Oakbrooke, so if everyone pitched in we could get the sign for about $100 each. Please respond to this request by filling out the enclosed self addressed stamped card to say if you are
willing to help out. If all do not want to contribute each person’s share would be a little higher, so at this time I only ask that you pledge up to a certain amount. The final cost for each family will be determined by how
many pledge to support.

If In a couple of weeks it looks like there is enough interest, I will put up a mock sign in my yard, to show what it would look like, then ask for your contribution as I order the sigh.  Please call me if you have any questions or comments.

Welcome to the Oakbrooke Neighborhood Blog

I created this blog to have a forum for neighborhood discussions.  Blog entries can be posted by sending a message to and I will put your message on as a blog entry. Then others can post comments and have basically a back and forth discussion.  Hey, I may even try a Facebook page later on.